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His best friend at the school is a Scottish boy named McLeod.

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One of the most popular teachers at the school is Mr. Sampson who teaches Latin. Sampson wears a Byzantine gold coin on his watch chain.

A School Story by M.R. James: Read by Michael Hordern

There is an image of an emperor on one side of the coin. The other side of the coin has almost completely worn away. On that side of the coin, Mr. Sampson has carved his initials, G. One day, Sampson asks his students to each write on a piece of paper a sentence using the Latin verb memini "to remember".

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McLeod spends a long time apparently thinking about something elaborate to write but writing nothing. He eventually writes something very quickly. The lesson has finished by the time that McLeod shows his paper to Sampson. The narrator has left the room and does not hear what Sampson says to McLeod. McLeod rejoins his friend soon afterwards. He tells him that the sentence he wrote was Memento putei inter quatuor taxos "Remember the well among the four yew trees.

Curiously, he could not remember the English name of the trees that he saw.

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Sampson appeared to be strangely upset by the sentence. He asked McLeod why he wrote it. He also asked the boy where he and his family came from. Some time later, Sampson asks his students to write a conditional sentence expressing a future consequence.

The boys write their sentences and hand their papers to Sampson. When he sees one of the papers, Sampson makes a strange noise and runs out of the room, leaving all of the papers behind.

The narrator goes up to Sampson's desk. On the paper on the top of the pile is written Si tu non veneris ad me, ego veniam ad te , "If you don't come to me, I'll come to you". Everybody in the class denies having written it, including McLeod. Who knows more about school than someone who's right there, five days a week, nine months a year?

A School Story

Do you think you know what school is like more than anyone else? Well, Natalie, an aspiring writer, thinks so. She hears that her mom's publishing company is looking to find and publish stories set in schools. Natalie is inspired to write a novel set in school to practice writing, but when her best friend Zoe reads it, Zoe decides to scheme a plan to get it published. But how can Natalie have her mom read it fairly, without thinking "just a kid" wrote it? Read pages a phony name! Then read on page 28 from "Zoe reached for the chair" to page 29 " So Natalie changes her name on her manuscript and Zoe takes on a new identity to become Natalie's - I mean Cassandra Day's - agent.

A book agent helps shop around an unpublished book to publishing houses to try to find one that will publish the book. So, does Natalie's mom even read the manuscript?

A School Story, by M. R. James

Does it get published? James , included in his collection More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary. Two men are discussing the folklore of the private schools they attended. One tells of a Latin teacher named Mr.

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Sampson who kept a Byzantine coin that he would show his students. The narrator's friend gives the teacher a strange message in Latin which translates to "remember the well among the four yews", [1] though he doesn't know why he wrote it. Later another paper shows up translating to "If you don't come to me, I'll come to you", [2] and it visibly worries Sampson. Later at night the narrator's friend sees a man sitting on Sampson's window-sill, but when he returns with the narrator he's gone.