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Four years later, colleague Arthur W. Lindquist recommended to Knipling a book by Nobel laureate H. Muller titled "Drosophila," which discussed use of radiation to alter the genetic material of insects.

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Knipling immediately began a correspondence with Muller exploring the possible use of radiation to sterilize screwworms. Convinced that the approach could work, Knipling reordered priorities to provide funding for Bushland to carry out tests at Kerrville, Texas. Bushland secured the cooperation of a nearby U. Army medical unit with suitable x-ray equipment. In just 6 months, it was handily demonstrated that 2, to 5, roentgens of x-rays would sterilize screwworm pupae without disrupting their adult mating behavior.

Knipling's theory was simple: Fertile females would mate with sterilized males mass-reared in insectaries and released into infested areas. With offspring resulting only from matings with native, unsterilized males, the screwworm population would gradually become insignificant and perhaps disappear. But could it really work? First, a field test on Sanibel, the square-mile Florida island, confirmed the theory.

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Though encouraged, scientists knew that a larger test was needed to verify those early findings. By chance, a routine request from a veterinarian from Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, alerted them to the screwworm's presence on the square-mile island. The Dutch government was eager to assist in its elimination.

So a thousand sterile flies per square mile were released each week by airplane. After just three weeks--the length of one screwworm reproductive cycle--about 70 percent of new egg cases found were sterile. After the next 3 weeks of releases, sterility was 84 percent. With love,.

Arthur the worm.

Sorry to hear about your loss. He was a good guy. You were a good friend for many years. May you rest in peace.

Walter Newbern. We've been thinking about you. Uncle Dale was quite a character.

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You each have some of his charactaristics, gained by blood or osmosis so we know he will live on. He always had something 'interesting' going on. We're sure you'll miss him. More than likely he's arguing with someone up there about something important. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

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Some of our most cherished memories are when we were neighbors while attending San Diego State. You and Dale were our friends when we most needed friends. Obituary Send Flowers.

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