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I was able fix organizational miscommunications through the power of my own relationships. I had close friends in opposing sides of historical departmental rifts, and was often placed in a quasi-mediator position. I had never been strategic about it, but somehow my incessant need to get to know everyone had led me to coast above the fray of office politics as much as was possible, anyway. Over my four years in a large and complex organization, I learned a great deal about the power of relationships, the value of helping others before asking for help, and the inner workings of professional karma.

If you invest valuable time getting to know everyone around you and offer help before ever asking for it , you will not just be protected from your enemies, you will also gain lifelong professional allies and plant the seeds of future opportunity. Do not engage, but DO let others know what is happening. Keeping it to yourself will only raise the stakes of your office rift. Remember this is a game of actions, not words.

The 5 secrets succesful people use to deal with enemies

Think of someone you can trust who can do something to help you. Ask them out to lunch with the pretext of soliciting career advice. In this situation, indirect communication is a MUST. State the facts without analysis, a proper sense of confusion, and a willingness to resolve the situation constructively. This is all your ally will need to understand that you are under attack and do something to help you. Treat them like your best friend.

30 Totally Reasonable Ways To Deal With Your Worst Enemy

Ask them about their weekend as enthusiastically as you would ask someone you are genuinely interested in. NEVER confront them. This has nothing to do with developing trust or an actual friendship.

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It has everything to do with their perception of your intelligence and how hard they feel they need to go after you. Vicious people are always the architects of their own demise. If you let them do their thing without interfering, they will eventually shoot themselves in the foot and end the rift for you.

A sword fight can last for a lifetime, but a lone knight waving a sword at the air will eventually cut himself.

Those who are immature enough to willingly go after someone eventually show their true colors to the world. They harm their own reputations and bring themselves down without you having to get your hands dirty. If you walk by and see one person screaming while another silently refuses to engage, it will be immediately clear who is right and who is wrong.

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You will know who the immature one is, and you will immediately decide who to agree with. Do not waste your time on fighting back or seeking revenge. Do not engage and just act like a friend instead. Show everyone how much of a model employee you are. Make as many friends as possible.

There is no limit to what this enemy is capable of from taking a swing at you, to setting your house on fire. Extreme you say? So, how do you deal with an enemy? Well in the latter case you may be forced to take legal action which can take any one of several forms. But, since this is the rarer of the three types we will focus on the other two groups. Logic and common sense would dictate that once the enemy is identified, you sit down and talk to the person. You try to determine the cause of the dislike, what you may have done to exacerbate the problem and what you can both do to get things on a better footing.

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Will that course of action work? Maybe, maybe not, but worth a try. The worst thing you can do is to get down in the gutter with the enemy and trade insult for insult. Duke it out verbally. This does nothing to solve the problem and may, in fact, make it worse. It may also cause some to think your enemy is right and you really are a jerk. You may find it desirable to simply remove yourself from the venue where the problem exists.

Find a different job or a different neighborhood. Then there is the option I recommend. Simply outlive your enemies. How have you successfully dealt with enemies? Sign in.

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