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In fact, it looks easy to win at checkers, but it is more difficult as we think. We need to have some plan worked out in the game.

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Even the first moves we do should have a purpose. We should aim to target small objectives that contribute to the achievement of the main goal. We must try to make every turn count in our favor as much as possible. It's important to know the purpose of a capture because they are not always beneficial.

We need to understand the different consequences of double and triple captures and the principles behind positioning as far as captures are concerned. We should be able to control areas on the board and the enemy as well.

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By a forced capture we can make the enemy make a move he didn't want to do. Such forced captures are a very powerful weapon in checkers.

Step 8: Multiple capture You can jump over and capture more than one checker in a turn. Just remember that there must be one empty square between each one, so that you're leapfrogging one checker at a time—not long-jumping over two. Step 9: "Crown me! If you manage to get a checker all the way to the other side of the board, tell your opponent, 'Crown me! Now you've got a tall 'king' that can move both forward and backward.

Step Take turns until win Continue to take turns moving, jumping, and being crowned, until one player captures all of the other's checkers. Did You Know? Checkers is such an old game that Egyptian kings played it while the pyramids were being built —around 4, years ago! Related Papers. By Jong Cynni. A Guide to Checkers Families and Rules.

By Sultan Ratrout. By Max Kleiner.

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By Nur Sofia. The American Checkers Federation maintains the standard for the current rules. The checkerboard has 64 alternating light and dark squares.

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The game is played on the dark squares. Official tournament checker boards are 16 inches wide with alternating green and buff squares. Each player starts out with 12 playing pieces. Each player starts with their pieces laid out on the 12 dark squares nearest him or her. Official tournament checker pieces are one and one quarter to one and a half inches in diameter. Before the first move is made, either player can adjust the position of any piece on the board.

The player who adjusts a piece without intimation can be warned for the first offence, but will forfeit the game on the second offence. If the player whose move it is touches a piece that can be played, the player must move that piece or forfeit the game. If any part of a playable piece is moved over the angle of its square, the piece must be played in that direction.

Pask , p. In the case where there are different jump sequences available, the player may chose which sequence to make, whether it results in the most pieces being taken or not. Hopper , p.

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