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Only opioids will do. This kind of excruciating pain will drive people to do anything to alleviate it. If sufferers cannot obtain these drugs from their physicians with whom they have legitimate healing relationships, they will obtain them from illicit sources. It is an act of desperation. This is the real driver for the opioid epidemic—illicit drug use.

Opioids are worse when mixed with other drugs, as is often the case. The largest contributors to opioid overdose mortality are the drugs fentanyl and heroin , obtained illegally, with much of the fentanyl being smuggled in from China.

Martial Peak Chapter 886: Dilemma

Fentanyl is much more powerful than other classes of opioids. Its average lethal dose LD 50 is much smaller than for the other opioids —one would need to be a trained chemist to dose it out accurately. Thus it is far too easy for the untrained person to overdose on fentanyl. The opioid crisis is a case in point. It is difficult to know why so many seek refuge in drug addiction or how to deal with what is surely an existential crisis. However, opioids are amazing drugs, properly used, and there is no replacement for them.

It would be tragic to restrict their use for those patients who genuinely need them.

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It would be equally tragic not to try to diagnose and ameliorate the societal variables that are driving people to drug addiction. Glenn A. Marsch is a professor of physics at Grove City College where he teaches physics and an innovative course, Studies in Science, Faith and Technology. He is a contributing scholar with the Institute for Faith and Freedom.

Lam announced on 4 September that she was withdrawing the bill. Independent booksellers have disappeared from the city, before reappearing in mainland China facing charges.

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The extradition bill was seen as an attempt to undermine this and to give Beijing the ability to try pro-democracy activists under the judicial system of the mainland. Beijing has issued increasingly shrill condemnations but has left it to the city's semi-autonomous government to deal with the situation. Meanwhile police have violently clashed directly with protesters, repeatedly firing teargas and rubber bullets. City authorities, backed by Beijing, have cracked down harder.

Martial Peak MP Chapter English RAW: Dilemma - MTL Novel

Police have arrested more than people and the Chinese military have held warning exercises along the border. Yet people continue to come out in droves.

As the protests enter their 11th consecutive week and resolution appears even more remote, the question of what happens next looms. But critics say those freedoms, including of speech, are being eroded as Beijing exerts more control. Protesters are demanding a permanent withdrawal of the now suspended bill that would have allowed suspects to be extradited to mainland China, as well as an independent inquiry into the use of police force. Observers say the coming days could mark a turning point, a gauge of momentum as residents, protesters and police have been pushed to their limits.

On Sunday people were preparing to attend a mass march which has been banned by police — the third consecutive day of mass rallies and the largest protest in weeks.

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On Friday thousands of demonstrators dressed in black filled Chater Garden, a public square in central Hong Kong, to call on the international community for help. On Saturday teachers filled the same square to protest at police brutality against students. Tensions reached a new level last week. Police dressed as protesters arrested demonstrators last weekend, wrestling them to the ground and beating them with batons.

A first aid volunteer was reportedly blinded in one eye by a bean bag round fired by police. Greater Manchester Police A man has died after being pulled from the Bridgewater Canal in Altrincham Police, firefighters and the ambulance service rushed to the scene on Manchester Road on Saturday. Strictly Come Dancing Anneka Rice 'covered in bruises' as her Strictly journey comes to an end The Challenge Anneka legend was the second celeb to leave the show.

Top Stories. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer United fans make it clear who is to blame for latest mess. Crime The teenager who stabbed Yousef Makki to death can finally be named His identity no longer has to stay a secret because this week he turns Courts Locked up: Our round up of criminals jailed in Greater Manchester this week Here are some of the people from across the region put behind bars over the last seven days.

Salford Veteran who died at with no relatives was my 'long lost dad' "I'm just so sorry he had to spend his last years alone". Restaurant Reviews Stretford Foodhall - how pop-up food and craft beer could revolutionise the mall It's the Ancoats General Store on a larger scale - and it really works. Strictly Come Dancing Katya Jones says she wasn't drunk when she fell on Strictly The professional dancer has also confirmed that her second fall was on purpose.

Family with autistic son tells 10News about martial arts class dilemma

Salford Red Devils Hundreds of Salford fans begin queuing at 5am to snap up Grand Final tickets The Red Devils made rugby league history by reaching the showpiece event at Old Trafford for the first time and fans were out early this morning to make sure they were there.