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I first read this book when I was I was so into it that I read the first three books in less than a month. It dragged me in and wouldn't let go. I could not put it down.

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Its an amazing read for people of any age group. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a fun, magically mysterious read. Gretchen McCulloch's Because Internet is a love letter to our modern methods of communication. If you've ever found yourself thinking that the internet is destroying modern language, or if you've struggled to communicate with other generations because you use punctuation differently, this is the book you want to turn to.

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Language is the most revelatory way to understand a culture and what is important to the people within in. Because Internet is friendly and inviting to the sociolinguistics newcomer, with plenty of meat to chew on for people who are already familiar with the field but want to deepen their knowledge.

You'll look at internet communication, and your own typing habits, differently after reading this one! I don't know about you, but I've never felt a pit in my stomach over a story about frogs or bats, but this book changed that for me. The author delves into some of the issues we are facing across the planet in terms of loss of biodiversity and some of the things causing it. Our own wellbeing as a species depends on the wellbeing of the wildlife across our planet and the ecosystems on which they depend and should be protected at all costs before any more damage is done.

Love the dynamic between two teenager protaganist, straightforward brawn Taiju and sarcastic scientist Senku, as they rebuild human society while reviving people with the power of science. Of course it not easy for them, for not only is nature against them, but their fellow humans as well as the unknown entity that started this situation in the first place.

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This is a fun Manga that based everything in science we know today, as well as leave clues for readers to figure out what happen. The Terror showcases Dan Simmons' in-depth research of early arctic exploration. The fine historic detail pulls the reader into a world utterly different from the present day.

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Frigid, often deadly conditions test the explorers in every conceivable way. The characters range from absurd those with power to enigmatic those trying to survive. Things take a sinister turn as the crew enters uncharted waters. Slowly the crew and the reader start to question what is real. I really enjoyed this book because the story takes wild turns and shows the world to be stranger than anyone expected.

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This is the first book of an amazing series. So far the author has only written the first three books but plans to have ten books in the series. This story is written from three main characters' point of view and they are all very deep and complex, but also very easy to fall in love with. The magic in this world is so incredible and different from any I have ever read. The best part about this book is the illustrations they are so beautiful and they are all part of one of the characters' journals. The author is a must and by far my favorite!

A wonderful introduction to the rich, unique world of the Witcher franchise. A story that hits the ground running and drops you in the middle of its lore and magic and feeds you information bit by bit rather than hands you large pieces of exposition. It simultaneously tells the current tale of a recovering Geralt, as he tells stories of his own adventures.


A very enjoyable lead in to a great line of books and games. A great book on the Yugoslav Wars of the early s.

In , she captured quirky teenage angst in the cult dramedy "Ghost World. Ready to move on to more grown-up roles, the year-old Johansson matured in Sofia Coppola's "Lost in Translation" Her portrayal of Charlotte, a young and lonely wife, earned her a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress. Johansson has starred in at least two films a year since Her portrayal of Pursy Will, a young woman returning to her childhood home after the death of her mother, earned Johansson another Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress.

How dismal can a movie about tennis really be?

When Woody Allen directs, you can bet it won't be very happy-go-lucky. Johansson took a slight turn from dramas and lighthearted comedies with the Michael Bay-directed, dystopian action film "The Island" Set in the not-so-distant future, Johansson and Ewan McGregor escape from their utopian society creatively named The Island , when they discover it's actually a farm of clones kept alive to harvest their organs.

The fascination with the Black Dahlia murder resurfaced with the mystery thriller, "The Black Dahlia. Johansson's acting range was highlighted in "The Nanny Diaries" , where her role as Jersey girl Annie Braddock let audiences everywhere laugh at the bizarre and only slightly fictional world of nannies in New York City. Amari Soul. Rs Rs 1, The 15 Greatest Board Games in the World. The 15 Greatest Board Games in the WorldThe world's best board games, spruced up for the 21st centur.. Rs Rs 2, R began. Game Changer.

Rs 1, The Trial of Henry Kissinger. The Trial of Henry KissingerIn this incendiary book, Hitchens takes the floor as prosecuting counsel.. Forty Rules Of Love. Such Tu Yeh Hai. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child -. Rowling, Jack Thorne and Joh.. Mini Colour Rocking Horse. Rs 50 Rs