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For example, you can save all the address of your friends, or any place that you travel that you want to revisit later or simply share with your friends. Share my Location If you need to share your location with someone, you can simply send them the following link. If you want to place the current location on a website, use the following link.

My Location The what is my location tool uses the geolocation to find your location. My Location Now The where am I now tool works for both desktop computers and mobile phones. Make sure to give credit where credit is due. Besides tile layers, you can easily add other things to your map, including markers, polylines, polygons, circles, and popups.

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Adding a circle is the same except for specifying the radius in meters as a second argument , but lets you control how it looks by passing options as the last argument when creating the object:. Popups are usually used when you want to attach some information to a particular object on a map.

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Leaflet has a very handy shortcut for this:. Try clicking on our objects. The bindPopup method attaches a popup with the specified HTML content to your marker so the popup appears when you click on the object, and the openPopup method for markers only immediately opens the attached popup. You can also use popups as layers when you need something more than attaching a popup to an object :.