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You enjoy modeling success so that you can up your game.

7 Ways To Develop The Right Kind Of Attitude

Mindset is something that all great CEOS, successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders and Olympic athletes know. They have mindset coaches to help them achieve higher and higher breakthroughs and they also surround themselves with mentors, peers and team members with a positive growth mentality.

Making the choice to view and approach life from a spiritual angle, would involve developing a spiritual mindset. I have since found that developing a positive mindset as not an overnight thing. It takes study, reading, attending classes, integrating belief changes and upgrades in energy system on an on-going basis. While it is not an overnight thing, note that it is possible to accelerate the process.

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There are energy or visioning tools that you can use. If you are interested to work on achieving a specific a financial breakthrough in a conscious way, find a spiritual mindset coach. Apply here if you are interested to work together. I suggest working on developing your spiritual mindset incrementally, through a process of up leveling and alchemy. You make it a consistent practice and applying follow throughs in your every day life. And so, with a spiritual mindset, you incorporate mindfulness, directing your thoughts and with awareness about Universal laws, such as the Law of Attraction, Law of Karma, Law of Non-attachment and so on.

Add in the element of growth, we have the Spiritual Growth Mindset too. A Spiritual Growth mindset is one that helps you to up-level your life, aids you in achieving overall success and supports you in your soul growth. With the power of a Spiritual Growth Mindset, you work on manifesting the abundance and the success that is aligned with your soul purpose!

If you have enjoyed this article, I would appreciate some link love. Discover my step-by-step guide that will show you how you can finally unlock your wealth potential with improved Qi and Energy flow This has been scientifically-backed by the Traditional Chinese Medicine! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Such inspirational and valuable information, Evelyn. It is great when science validates what we knew all along. Negative people tend to break your focus and hinder your ability to keep the main thing the main thing.

What you sow you will REAP but not what you may be thinking. This is not primarily about seedtime and harvest though it could be. First, recognize the role you play in motivating and encouraging yourself. In times of great trouble, danger and distress. David and his men returned from battle to find the enemy had stolen their wives, children, possessions and valuables. All they found in their camp was the smoldering remains from the fires of enemy invaders. Just so you know. Second, you may have to appreciate your efforts because nobody else does.

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You must show your appreciation to all who serve so well. Third, Praise God for what He has done and is doing through your life. Psalm in the Amplified Bible offers some pretty good advice:. Without question, if you want to feel the presence of the Lord fast, then start praising Him. Recognition, appreciation and praise. There was a time in my life when I created my own awards ceremony recognizing what God had allowed me to accomplish.

Abundance Quotes

Be a doer. The best way to develop the God-kind of attitude is by being a doer. Just having a positive mental attitude is not enough. Nowhere in that definition do we read where a doer is a talker. James in the Amplified Bible says:. He wants you to do what He says. It was only when Peter became a doer of the word that he was able to get out of the boat.

God has given us His Word to energize our faith. When you do. The right kind of attitude. No matter what the naysayers. In movie studio mogul Samuel Goldwyn was furious with his casting director for arranging a screen test of an unknown actress. Several years later, Samuel Goldwyn paid top dollar for that young woman to star in some of his hit movies.

Englishman David Puttnam offered his latest screenplay to Columbia Pictures only to receive this response. How about this quote? The quote was from the Chicago Times. Someone once said:. I used to have a cross-stitch quote which said:. How do you do it? Developing, maintaining and strengthening the God-kind of attitude. The earnest heartfelt, continued prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available [dynamic in its working].

Tap into this power. Prayer Requests Share Your Testimony. Season of The Rain. Spiritual Awakening. Spiritual Songs and Prophecy. The Dominion Mystery of Tithing. The Emergence 1. The Emergence 2. The Emergence 3. The Faith That Works. The Man God Uses.

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The Mystery of Perfection Love. The Principles of Effective Living. The Reality of Spiritual Laws. The Wealthy Place 1. The Wealthy Place 2. The Wealthy Place 3. Think On These Things.

Thy Kingdom Come. Why Revivals Die.

Secrets of a Success Mindset

A Night of Supernatural Visitation. Activating Seasons of Greatness. Confronting the Error of Darkness and Apostasy. Divine Direction. Dominion Through Prayers. Endurance: A Requirement for Greatness. Extraordinary Success. Financial Dominion 1. Financial Dominion 2. Financial Dominion 3. Financial Dominion 4. Gaining Spiritual Stature 1. Gaining Spiritual Stature 2. Gaining Spiritual Stature 3. Koinonia: Ancient Secret of Power and Relevance.

Light and Dominion. Prayers and Encounters.

Pulling Down Strongholds. School of Ministry Graduation. Spiritual Strategy For Renewal.