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Despite his superior talents as an engineer, he was often the source of comic relief among the Enterprise crew due to his use of Scots language. Montgomery Scott was born in Scotland on Earth in He joined Starfleet and began his engineering career in During his year career in Starfleet, he served on a total of eleven ships, including various freighters , cruisers and starships. TNG : " Relics " He also briefly served as an engineering advisor on the freight line between the Deneva colony and the outlying asteroid belts. TOS : " Operation -- Annihilate!

Over his career, Scott had experience working with PXK pergium reactors. The last time he had even seen one was in , that was, until he attempted to repair the reactor at the Janus VI colony twenty years later.

Over the course of his career, Scott wrote several technical manuals , including one titled Operating Protocol - Flow Sensors. These specifications were admittedly written "a wee bit" conservatively. TNG : " Relics ". His duties also included maintenance and operation of the Enterprise 's transporter systems.

Two Step, Sad Songs and Roses - Gary Roadarmel (the Poseidon Adventure)

Three of his top engineers included Lieutenants Kyle , Leslie , and Gabler. He was understandably upset when Harper , an assistant engineer who was one of only twenty crewmembers selected to remain aboard the Enterprise during the M-5 multitronic unit test mission, was killed by an energy transfer beam used by the insane supercomputer to draw power directly from the ship's warp engines. Scott also served as the ship's second officer , and often assumed command when both Kirk and Spock left the ship, or they both were incapacitated.

Thus, he often faced critical diplomatic and military situations. After the destruction of Vaal Kirk immediately "re-hired" him. TOS : " The Apple " Despite being a capable command officer he never pursued his own command post because he " By the late s , Scott knew more about the warp engines aboard a Constitution -class starship than even the men who designed them.

TOS : " The Apple " This knowledge and ability to save the ship in a jam eventually led to his reputation aboard the Enterprise as a "miracle worker. Scott later admitted that he often padded his estimates of time needed for repairs by a factor of four in order to appear that much faster.

Scott aboard the SS Botany Bay. In , Scott stated that he knew the Enterprise better than Larry Marvick , the man who designed the starship. When Marvick visited the ship, escorting the Medusan Ambassador Kollos , Scott made a bet, that he won't find his way around the engine room.

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When Scott allowed him to the warp engine controls, Marvick, under the madness brought on by the sight of the Medusan, attempted to take over the vessel, and hurled it into the void surrounding our galaxy. In , Scott was attacked and killed by Nomad , a probe originally launched from Earth in the early 21st century. Kirk was distraught by the death of his valued chief engineer, but Nomad informed Kirk that Scott could be "repaired" and the probe revived Scott in sickbay. Later, Scott assisted Kirk and Spock in beaming Nomad out into open space before it exploded from Kirk talking it to death.

TOS : " The Changeling ".

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Later in , Scott was thrown against a bulkhead of the Enterprise during an explosion caused by a woman. This resulted in a severe concussion and possible amnesia. He was ordered to take time off for therapeutic shore leave on the planet Argelius II. While on Argelius he got into "a wee bit of trouble," as he later described it, when he was accused of murdering an Argelian woman named Kara. Scott's situation worsened when he was accused of two more murders, those of another Argelian, Sybo , and fellow officer Karen Tracy.

Scott was later acquitted of the murder charges, following the discovery of a non-humanoid lifeform called Redjac in the form of Mr. Hengist , who was found to be responsible for the murders, and who admitted to being Jack the Ripper and other serial killers in previous incarnations.

Scott was extremely proud of the Enterprise.

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In fact, he was so proud that he once started a bar fight aboard Deep Space Station K-7 when the Klingon named Korax suggested that the ship should be hauled away as garbage. As a result, he was confined to his quarters by Kirk. Scott smiled and told Kirk the punishment would give him a chance to catch up on technical journals he had not had time to read.

Shortly after the incident at K-7, Scott managed to rid the Enterprise of the tribbles which had infested the ship. Before leaving the Milky Way Galaxy , Scott and Spock devised a plan to destroy the Enterprise at the galactic barrier , but Kirk decided against it. Later Scott tried to incapacitate the Kelvan agent Tomar by drinking various alcoholic beverages with him.

He got Tomar so drunk that the alien passed out, but his plan was foiled when Scott passed out before he could leave his quarters. In the same year the Enterprise was hurled hundreds of light years away from a Kalandan outpost, and sabotage accelerated the ship to dangerously high warp speeds.

Levels K-P ~ Grades 2 & 3

Scott risked his life by entering the access crawlspace to the matter-antimatter reaction chamber to repair the fused matter-antimatter integrator , a procedure so dangerous that it was not to be undertaken while the integrator was in operation. When a faulty magnetic probe nearly ruined the procedure, Scott demanded that Spock eject him from the chamber into space, but Spock risked critical seconds to allow the engineer to successfully complete his task.

Scotty examining the Enterprise 's dilithium crystal. In , Scott's position as second officer and chief engineer required him to participate in executing the auto-destruct sequence to prevent Bele from hijacking the Enterprise to return Lokai to the planet Cheron. TOS : " Let That Be Your Last Battlefield " Scott also threatened the female Romulan Commander that he would use the auto-destruct to destroy the Enterprise and "as many of you as we can take with us" when it was surrounded by Romulan vessels during its espionage mission to appropriate the Romulans ' cloaking device.

Also, in , Scott prevented Garth of Izar from escaping the Elba II asylum to board the Enterprise when he challenged Garth, who, in the guise of Kirk, had attempted to order Scott to transport him to the ship, by requiring Garth to provide the countersign to the prearranged chess problem. Scotty was romantically involved with Starfleet sciences division specialist Lieutenant Mira Romaine at least when she was aboard the Enterprise during its mission to Memory Alpha.

Scott figured prominently in the successful attempt to prevent Romaine's body from being appropriated by the Zetarians. In carrying her occupied person to McCoy's decompression chamber , Scott insisted to Kirk, " Mira will not hurt me. Scotty complained to Kirk that "one of those barefoot whaddyacallems " had entered Engineering and "tried to incite my crew to disaffect".

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  • In , Scotty was present in the transporter room along with Kirk, Spock and Lieutenant Dickerson when Presidential honors were rendered to the Excalbian who had taken the form of U. President Abraham Lincoln. He scoffed in suggesting sarcastically that "Lincoln" would be followed by " Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Though not present on the bridge simulator , his voice was heard on the speakers.

    After the scenario, he served aboard the Enterprise under the command of Captain Spock. He was the ship's chief engineer for a three week training cruise. Upon receiving a call for help from Regula I , Starfleet Command ordered an investigation by the Enterprise. With Rear Admiral Kirk assuming command, the cruise was cut short. Eventually, Kirk was able to stop Khan, but not before the latter had wrought extensive damage upon the Enterprise , requiring Captain Spock to sacrifice his life to save the ship.

    One of the casualties was Scott's nephew Peter Preston. Scott played the bagpipes at Spock's funeral. With the Enterprise safely at Spacedock , Scott was promoted to captain and reassigned to the USS Excelsior as Captain of Engineering during the ship's early test runs.


    Scott detested his assignment aboard the Excelsior, citing the ship as little more than a "bucket of bolts", and didn't particularly care for Captain Styles either. He later sabotaged the Excelsior , removing components from her transwarp computer drive. This prevented the ship from jumping to transwarp drive when the Enterprise was stolen for an unauthorized mission to the Genesis planet. When arriving at the Genesis planet, a Klingon Bird-of-Prey ambushed the Enterprise and opened fire, disabling Scott's automation system and leaving the ship as "a sitting duck". Scott, along with Kirk and Chekov, initiated the Enterprise' s auto-destruct sequence to prevent it from falling into Klingon hands.

    The crew beamed down to the planet, where they watched their beloved ship burn up in the atmosphere. This would later in life affect Scott emotionally, when he comments that the Enterprise was "his home and where he had a purpose". In , Scott traveled back in time to along with the rest of the Enterprise crew to find a pair of humpback whales.

    In order to construct a water tank for them, he visited the Plexicorp facility as "Professor Scott" from Edinburgh. Making a deal with plant manager Nichols he gave him the formula of transparent aluminum in exchange for a sheet of plexiglass. When Dr. Cherryh is one of the most consistently reliable authors of convincing, richly-detailed stories of life in space. And her fiction often is about space, set aboard spaceships and space stations rather than on planets. Her work takes the form of multi-volume interlinked series, so that the Chanur novels overlap with the Merovingian Nights which overlap with the Morgaine Cycle and so on.

    But because the novels can be read in practically any order, Cyteen is our pick as a place to start. It's a dense novel, like so many by Cherryh, in which you find political duplicity, biological research, betrayals, wars and rumours of war, all set in a universe filled with strange, threatening planets and fascinating aliens. In this instance, the clone of a corrupt politician is raised to take her place, only to discover the convoluted plots that she is entangled in. Cyteen won both the Hugo and Locus Awards, and is a fascinating introduction to one of the most rewarding os space opera writers.

    We've already included one example of what might be called new wave space opera, and in a sense this is another, but it is a very different novel. The novel takes the form of a quest in which Lorq von Ray and his crew of misfits travel across the galaxy hunting clues in their search for the universe's most valuable fuel, which could change the whole balance of power in this future. All the while they are pursued by their arch enemy, and in the end it becomes a race as they plunge into the heart of a nova to discover their treasure.

    It's a rich and vivid book, a precursor of cyberpunk in the way the characters jack in to their instruments, and at the same time the story is modelled on the Grail Quest from Arthurian legend, and yet the whole work is filled with references to other space operas such as the Foundation Trilogy. It was Nova that prompted AlgisBudrys to describe Delany as "the best science fiction writer in the world", and it was a major influence on William Gibson's Neuromancer. It is also, quite simply, one of the most entertaining space operas you're likely to read.

    For some reason, the New Space Opera seems to have been particularly successful with British writers. Again, any of a number of his books could have merited a place on this list, but we've gone for the Quiet War sequence. Corey's Expanse series, in that it starts with conflict in the solar system and then expands out. Humans have expanded out into the solar system, but now there is a threat of war between Earth and the outer planets. Despite every effort to prevent conflict, fighting breaks out and Earth's superior power soon wins, but at great cost to its ecosphere, while the people of the outer planets retreat further from the sun and start to develop forms of posthumanity.

    The third novel suddenly shifts thousands of years into the future and out to the Fomalhaut system already colonised by refugees from the Quiet War, but they carry with them their propensity for war.

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    • And in the final volume, the focus returns to the solar system, even further in the future, where humanity's colonising efforts are slowly coming apart. This is a powerful and moving series that gives perhaps the most vivid and convincing account to date of what it would actually be like to live on other moons and planets in our solar system.

      A disparate group of refugees aboard the spaceship "Null Boundary" are fleeing from the alien Chenzeme. The Chenzeme have already destroyed much of human space, and if the people aboard the "Null Boundary" are going to survive, they really need to find out why.