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How many hours a day do dogs sleep?

If your dog sleeps all day, it might be normal … or not. We turned to the experts for insight into dog sleeping habits. This is what they said. One of the many! Who can blame them either? Thinking your dog sleeps all day? And is it something to worry about? Think your dog sleeps all day? According to Dr. Antin points out that how much a dog sleeps depends a lot on this age, breed and activity level.

Antin says. Age plays a big part in how much a dog sleeps, too. For example, a puppy tends to sleep up to 16 to 18 hours a day , since growing up takes up a lot of energy. Older dogs spend almost the same amount of time asleep as puppies, which can be due to a number of factors. Senior dogs are often less active, or it may hurt for them to move due to joint pain or arthritis.

Another reason your dog sleeps all day or at least most of it?

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However, it might be worth asking yourself if a dog sleeping out of boredom is healthy for him or not. Health issues may also be behind why a dog sleeps all day. Antin explains. Antin says to look for other signs. Basically, if you think your dog sleeps all day, look for other signs that something might be wrong. Then, head to your veterinarian for a checkup. I just finished Kaffir Boy. It's about a young kid in apartheid South Africa.

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  • He sang in the choir in school and learned to play the trumpet and drums. English and history were his favorite subjects, but drawing and writing poetry were his true passions. Black has been scribbling in his notebook since childhood.

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    I was a pretty shy kid. Since the coma, his mother has been overprotective. She has always been supportive of his music but thought it was a phase. It wasn't a phase. At Booker T. Washington Senior High, Black and other students would throw rap battles in the courtyard. Growing up in Overtown, he'd meet other musicians, like Fudakochi Narcisse, a soulternative artist, and Dank, another rapper who still works with Black today.

    Friends began calling him "Hound" because he would hound other rappers to perform with him or offer criticism. After graduating from high school, Black enlisted in the Navy. He spent the next five and a half years as a plane captain working in Virginia Beach. He met people from all over. Even in the Navy, Black couldn't stop rapping. Working on an aircraft carrier was emotionally grueling — he witnessed a friend's decapitation in an accident involving a helicopter and watched a colleague thrown limp across the ship's deck by a plane propeller.

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    Black slinked into his music to cope. On good days, he even competed in battles with bunkmates. In , Black returned to Overtown. He released six albums over the next six years. He didn't have money to hire a producer and instead wrote over others' beats. He released Nation's Nightmare in That year, he also produced a music video for his single "Gun Play," a track about police brutality in Overtown.

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    Despite the initial buzz, the album wasn't profitable, and Black moved to Central Florida for college. He studied music business. You have successfully signed up for your selected newsletter s - please keep an eye on your mailbox, we're movin' in! After graduating, he was more dedicated to his music than ever. He listened to the criticism from his earlier songs.

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    I wanted people to listen, to feel something important. No one was listening. Now he believes they are. Black has released three albums since He hired a producer and even sells merchandise like hats and T-shirts through a company he founded, Ghetto Geekz. He's branching out and trying to write children's books and develop videogames. Breaking out in Miami is especially difficult, he says. When he has performed in other cities, like Atlanta and Tallahassee, he has received immediate praise; promoters have asked him to extend his trips to perform more. It's a different vibe here.

    Yet Black doesn't think he'll leave Overtown anytime soon.

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